Monday, July 10, 2006

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was paralyzed after a tree branch fell on him while he was jogging in Houston’s ritzy River Oaks neighborhood (Abbott didn’t live in River Oaks, he just jogged there).

Naturally, Abbott filed a personal injury lawsuit against the homeowner whose tree dropped a branch while Abbott was jogging underneath.

Naturally, Abbott settled his own personal injury lawsuit for millions of dollars.

Naturally, Abbott has used these millions to fund his political career.

Naturally, one of the main themes in Abbott’s political career has been his effort to prevent injured people from having a fair opportunity to ask a jury of their peers to decide their claims against the careless people and corporations who caused their injuries. Wait a second. What's up with that?

Naturally, when you perform a Google search for "Greg Abbott" with “hypocrite” you get hundreds of results.

Naturally, you should not vote for Greg Abbott because he’s both an egregious hypocrite and a lousy Attorney General.


Blogger if you see Kay Hutchison said...

Kay Bailey Hutchison is as a big a hypocrite as Greg Abbott:

On Meet the Press, Kay Bailey Hutchison was asked about Tom DeLay's crimes. Kay's response was shameful:

"I certainly hope that if there is going to be an indictment that says something happened, that it is an indictment on a crime and not some perjury technicality ...."
So, in Kay's world, perjury is not a crime?

Well, not so fast. When the subject is President Clinton and not DeLay, Kay says "the crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice are 'high crimes'...Perjury is a lie told under oath that is legally wrong."

7:43 AM  
Blogger StopKinky said...

Kinky is a hypocrite, too.

Kinky's official campaign website says that "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty, but he IS 'anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed.'"

No report yet whether Bell, Perry, or Strayhorn has come out in favor of the wrong guy getting executed, but at least we know where Kinky stands on the issue of killing innocent folks.

The more interesting issue is where Kinky's website says that "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty."


If Kinky is not against the death penalty, what was he doing testifying under oath at Max Soffar's trial that he is against the death penalty? Here is how ABC news in Houston reported the issue:

Independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman testified Tuesday on behalf of a man convicted of killing three people during a robbery at a Houston bowling alley....Friedman testified during the punishment phase of Max Soffar's trial that the defendant should not be executed and questioned the evidence used to convict him.... Although he used to support the death penalty, Friedman told jurors he's now against it.

So, is Kinky lying under oath or is his campaign website misrepresenting Kinky's political views?

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Jacquelyn said...

I would sue a homeowner, too, if their neglect to keep their property safe caused me harm in such a way. Homeowner's insurance isn't just to protect the dwelling, it is also for instances such as these. Seriously.......

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abbot is a wannabe Steve Hawkins. I was a victim of Fraud and the local DA and Legal System here in Collin CO are so damn corrupt I was surprised that there was not a menu of costs. I lost my house in a fraud and the DA and the OAG coudl not care less. BTW I am a Democrat non Bpatist and do nto contribute to candidates.

11:28 AM  
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